Braces are remarkable orthodontic tools that work tirelessly to straighten smiles and can improve your overall dental health. But how exactly do they work their magic? Let’s take a quick look at what makes braces so effective.

Braces work by applying gentle and consistent pressure to your teeth, guiding them into alignment and improving both the appearance and function of your teeth and smile. With proper care and regular adjustments, braces can achieve remarkable results, giving you the straight, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Brackets and Wires

The foundation of braces consists of small brackets that are attached to the front surface of each tooth using a special adhesive. These brackets act as anchors for the wires that run through them. The wires are carefully adjusted by your specialist orthodontist to apply gentle pressure to your teeth, guiding them into the desired positions over time.

Orthodontic Bands

In some cases, orthodontic bands may be used to secure the brackets to your teeth. These bands are custom-fitted to teeth and provide additional stability for the braces. They are most commonly found on the back teeth or molars.

Elastics for your Braces

Elastics, also known as rubber bands, are often used in conjunction with braces to correct bite issues and ensure proper alignment of the teeth and jaws. They exert force in specific directions, helping to align the teeth and improve overall bite function.

Orthodontic Adjustments

Throughout your treatment, you’ll visit your orthodontist regularly for adjustments. During these appointments, the wires may be tightened or replaced with thicker wires to continue guiding your teeth into alignment.

Braces and Bone Remodeling

As the braces gradually shift your teeth, they also stimulate bone remodelling in the jawbone. This process allows the bone to adapt to the new positions of the teeth, ensuring long-lasting stability and support for your smile.

Retention After Treatment is Complete

Once your treatment is complete, your braces will be removed, and you’ll transition to the retention phase of treatment. Retainers may be prescribed to help maintain the new positions of your teeth and prevent them from shifting back over time. Retainers can be ‘fixed’, meaning a special custom-made wire will be placed onto the back of your front teeth, or ‘removable’, which is a clear custom-made tray that you will wear at night time.

If you’re ready to see how braces can give you an amazing smile, and would like to explore your treatment options, why not book a consultation with the friendly team at Ortho Co who will guide you every step of the way through the process and give you the result you’re after.